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Content Management For Legal SEO Websites

Are your readers yawning as they browse your legal website, clicking away quickly to another website after lingering only seconds on yours, or, if they stay at all are they obliged to read through your copy more than once in order for it to make sense?  Any or all of these are distinct warning signs, along with some other signs that should let you know beyond a doubt that your copy is……well, boring. Since the last thing you want to do to potential clients is make them wish they had gone ahead and scheduled that root canal they’ve been putting off, it is critical that you read your website’s content  not as the attorney you are, but as a potential client.  To be sure, quality writing is subjective by its very nature, and what I like to read you just might despise, however I think we can all agree in theory on what grabs us and holds our attention as we click from one website to the next.  Legal SEO content can be particularly tricky, but the payoff—brand new clients for your law firm—are certainly worth the effort.

How Do You Know For Sure?

What are some sure signs your content is just not getting the job done? While there is no one way to know for absolute certain if your law firm’s potential clients are stopping to thoroughly read your articles, there are a few things you can do in order to make sure your legal website content is both readable and perfectly optimized for the various search engines. Consider the following:

  1. If you haven’t already, install Google Analytics and take a look at the average amount of time your potential clients are staying on your legal website. Anything less than two minutes is very bad! If your visitors are staying less than one minute you have a major problem.
  2. Read your legal website’s content as a potential client, then rate it on a scale of 1-10. If you rated the copy as anything less than a seven, your website could be in trouble. If you don’t find it interesting enough to hold your attention and make you want to read more, then your clients won’t either.  Just as the legal services you offer are certainly not merely “good enough,” neither do you want your website copy to be only “good enough”—you want it to be attention-grabbing.
  3. Consider a blog for your website; comments are one of the best ways to measure whether or not your potential clients are engaged by your legal copy. Although writing great legal copy that is also search engine optimized to the maximum can seem like an overwhelming task, the results are worth it when your clients give glowing feedback.
  4. Don’t save your best ideas for later. If you are trying your hardest to get your legal website up and running with great legal SEO content, it can seem awfully tempting to put “good enough” copy out there until later—when you have more time. Don’t do it! Later may never come, so spend the time necessary and only put fantastic, highly readable legal SEO content on your firm’s website.

You can achieve greatness on your legal website if you’re willing to work hard in the beginning and reap the rewards later with new clients and a fabulous website. It’s tough, but it’s worth it!

About James Greenier

LawFirmSEOExperts.com is a subsidiary of Lawyer Success, Inc. Lawyer Success, Inc. was founded in 2003 by renowned law firm SEO expert, James Greenier. Mr. Greenier has personally been involved with 7 of the 10 most trafficked legal websites in the Internet. He is taking this unmatched experience and using it to help law firms of all sizes generate superior results in the areas of Search Engine Optimization. Mr. Greenier has advised over 3,500 law firms on a variety of law firm marketing strategies used by the highest grossing and most profitable law firms in North America. Mr. Greenier has developed and continues to develop some of the most cutting edge of law firm SEO solutions available. Some of his ideas and developments are are used today by some of the leading and most recognizable legal brand names on the Web. Lawyer Success, Inc. maintains offices is headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi but maintains offices in San Francisco, California; Houston, Texas; Jackson, Mississippi; D.C.; Tampa, Florida and Portland, Maine. LawFirmSEOExperts.com a Lawyer Success, Inc. company P.O. Box 1926 Brandon, MS 39042 (769) 218-6099


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