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Law Firm SEO Keyword Research | Law Firm Search Engine Optimization Keywords

At Law Firm SEO Experts, we help you find the best converting keywords most relevant to your practice!

The main concept for successful law firm seo is the very basic understanding that search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL always read and index text.  So it is very important that you select and use the type of text that is most relevent to the area of practice that you provide legal services for, the geographical reach of your law firm and some of the most commonly used terms people use to find your law firm.

This is why it is very important that you use the most relevant text through out your website.  In the law firm search engine optimization industry we call this text keywords and keyword phrases.  Law Firm SEO keywords and keyword phrases used properly through out your law firm website will improve your online visibility through top search engine rankings and positioning on all major search engines result pages or SERPS.

How important are search engines for generating web traffic over attorney directories or social media sites such as Twitter, FaceBook or YouTube?

This is an excellent question that we often field while providing a free law firm SEO review for prospective clients.  The answer will vary depending on the volume of search engine traffic a particular law firm website receives.  A well optimized law firm website should generate between 4,000-15,000 unique visitors per month.

  • We have found that Twitter and Twitter Mobile provide about the best click-throughs (although they do not translate in to much new business) of all the social networking websites.
  • YouTube and Law Firm Video SEO services offer great results in attracting and generating new law firm clients.
  • Attorney directories tend to offer decent, pre-qualified web traffic but even if you listed in the top 4 legal directories, combined they would only offer about 1% of your total law firm website traffic.
  • The worse of all law firm website traffic results come from the online versions of the major yellow pages companies. It is surprising how little traffic these sites generate to law firm websites.

Intelligent keyword and keyword phrase choices are the most essential part for reaching the best clients for law firms.  Our law firm SEO experts take the guess work out of selecting the best keywords and keyword phrases for new client conversion. Or SEO professionals will perform extensive keyword research to identify the best possible keyword phrases to target.

Our law firm search engine optimization experts also take into account your current keyword lists and will help you to expand upon it so that you have a very comprehensive and effective list of  keywords that will generate many new clients for your law firm.

If you would like a quote for our keyword research services or law firm SEO services call 7 SEO MY SITE or (773) 669-7483  for a free consultation.

About James Greenier

LawFirmSEOExperts.com is a subsidiary of Lawyer Success, Inc. Lawyer Success, Inc. was founded in 2003 by renowned law firm SEO expert, James Greenier. Mr. Greenier has personally been involved with 7 of the 10 most trafficked legal websites in the Internet. He is taking this unmatched experience and using it to help law firms of all sizes generate superior results in the areas of Search Engine Optimization. Mr. Greenier has advised over 3,500 law firms on a variety of law firm marketing strategies used by the highest grossing and most profitable law firms in North America. Mr. Greenier has developed and continues to develop some of the most cutting edge of law firm SEO solutions available. Some of his ideas and developments are are used today by some of the leading and most recognizable legal brand names on the Web. Lawyer Success, Inc. maintains offices is headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi but maintains offices in San Francisco, California; Houston, Texas; Jackson, Mississippi; D.C.; Tampa, Florida and Portland, Maine. LawFirmSEOExperts.com a Lawyer Success, Inc. company P.O. Box 1926 Brandon, MS 39042 (769) 218-6099

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