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Using Blogs to Increase Your Law Firm’s Website Traffic

Have you considered the benefits of having an interactive website? Think how it would be if your clients could leave comments or impressions about your law firm’s website or a specific article within your website. With blogs, they can do just that. Interested, but don’t know exactly how blogs work? Read on!

How Do I Begin my Law Firm’s Blog?
Content Management System, or CMS, is software that provides a method of managing your website, and most blogging software programs are merely a more specific type of CMS. These blogging software programs have features that will allow your law firm to create and maintain a blog in the simplest manner. Blog publishing on your website can be as easy as writing an article, giving it a title and organizing it under a category. WordPress is one of the more advanced software blogging tools with tons of features. WordPress provides an interface that allows you to work in an easy manner while it automatically makes your composition presentable and available to the public. You focus on what your clients want to read, the blogging tools take care of the rest. You simply compose, press a button and you are instantly published on the Internet. This easy addition to your firm’s website can increase traffic giving your law firm maximum search engine optimization.

Content of Legal Blogs
Once your firm has made the decision to add a blog to the website, brainstorming with your legal team of attorneys can be an invaluable resource for pinpointing the content you find most important on your blog. However, just as you must keep the content short and scannable on your website in order to grab and hold on to your reader, so should your blog’s content be as well. Web surfers typically scan a page and determine in a matter of seconds if they should read further or leave and click on the next website they can find. This is why blog posts must be both visually appealing and easily scannable. Your blog posting must let your client know within a couple of seconds what you’re writing about, and should be interesting enough to make them want to know more, or comment in some way.

Blogs and Law Firm SEO
The first thing your clients will notice are your blog post titles; make sure they are concise enough to enable them to know what the blog posting is about without having to search very far. The titles of your law firm’s blog postings should intrigue your client enough to make them want to click on the link and continue reading. Mix your creative titles with SEO titles to achieve maximum results. Remember too, that search engines weigh your blog post title heavier than the actual content, so use care when titling your blog posts.

When writing your actual blog content, keep paragraphs short, making blog posts easier to scan and read; contrary to what your English teacher told you, one or two sentence paragraphs are entirely acceptable in blog posting.

Bulleted and numbered lists can easily turn a long paragraph into more scannable content. Remember too, that while bold and italics are great at drawing attention to specific text within your firm’s blog post, when they’re overused they will make your blog post seem cluttered and difficult to read.

Immediate Benefits for Your Law Firm
While there are many reasons to add a blog to your legal firm’s website, your favorite reason may soon be that blogs naturally attract search engine traffic. Because blogs are already optimized and set up so that every page links back to the other main pages, they are, by nature, exceptionally well-linked.

And finally….
• Your blog can repeat keywords your law firm wants to target enough times to establish a theme.
• You will actually get better results if you update just once a day, early in the morning.
• Turn on your site feeds to promote your blog.

Happy blogging!

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