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Law Firm SEO Experts – Guaranteed Law Firm Search Engine Optimization Consultants

Attorney Advertising: What Works & What Does Not

Did you know? Approximately 89% of the first page seach engine positions that your law firm is competing for are not at all true natural search results?  The truth is that these rankings or positions are being manipulated by search engine optimization or (SEO).  In fact, there are very few SEO experts that specialize in working with EXCLUSIVELY for law firms and provide specialized services such as law firm search engine optimization or Law Firm SEO for short.  Our Law Firm SEO company has been specializing in SEO for over 10 years has developed the best law firm search engine optimization program available.

Does your prospective SEO firm understand your practice, lawyer rules of ethics and how your client searches for legal services online?  Put our 10 years of experience to work for you.  Experience makes the difference.

Law Firm SEO Experts and Consultants

Law Firm SEO Experts and Consultants

We start out by interviewing your firm to understand which types of cases you desire and in which municipalities your firm willing to take cases from. Then, we use the latest web traffic reporting tools in order to research the best and most frequently used keyphrases that are used in your local market.  This ensures that your website is positioned in the major search engines for the specific types of cases that you desire and that your lawyer website is generating  the highest amount of web traffic possible.

Key word selection is the absolute most important part of the process to obtain high rankings and quality website leads to your law firm. Again, each set of search phrases are carefully researched based on relevance and traffic volume in order to generate maximum cases.

Then in order to receive a top 10 ranking in major search engines for the target key phrases, we highly optimize your law firm’s website for those high value keyphrases througout your website. Our websites acheive a 100% search engine optimization score for the target keyphrases.

Law Firm Search Engine Optimization – Here is the PROOF

It is pretty simple to make claims about generating high rankings, but what is most important to you is the proof that we can deliver the results you desire. The answer is yes. Here are the websites that we have optimized for the most competitive keyphrases and how well they are positioned.

LawyerSuccess.com is the parent company of LawfirmSEOexperts.com.  Click here to view

Sedwicklaw.com – #1 on Google for “Indiana Car Accident Lawyer” and many others.
Kwlawbr.com – #1 on Google for “Louisiana Car Accident Lawyer” and many others.
Nstlaw.com – #1 on Google for “Tennessee Car Accident Lawyer” and many others.

The bottom line is these clients are signing up multiple numbers of high valued clients consistently each and every month because we have these law firms well positioned for the “right” key phrases.

Targeted SEO for Best Results!

Targeted SEO for Best Results!

Why not just buy ads on Google, Yahoo or MSN to be listed on the 1st page?

First of all, paid ads only attract about 3-5% of the clicks from potential clients. So volume is an issue with paid ads. Second, web searchers today feel that those lawyers positioned within the organic search engine results have established credability. Third, it costs and average of $10 to generate one website visit from pay per click. Figuring our average client generates 2,000+ unique visitors per month, that would cost your firm $20,000 to generate the same amount of web traffic monthly.

Services customized to you needs or full service SEO:

  • Manual Link Building
  • Manual Keyword Tracking
  • Site Analysis
  • Site fault analysis
  • META Tags – Title, Keywords, Description, ALT tags, H1-5 tags, Link Tags
  • “Search engine friendly” SEO content writing
  • Website inner linking and descriptive linking
  • Manually client competitors tracking and research
  • Monthly SEO reviews with your firm
  • Social Networking Integration
  • Search engine content feeds
  • and many more SEO activities.

About James Greenier

LawFirmSEOExperts.com is a subsidiary of Lawyer Success, Inc. Lawyer Success, Inc. was founded in 2003 by renowned law firm SEO expert, James Greenier. Mr. Greenier has personally been involved with 7 of the 10 most trafficked legal websites in the Internet. He is taking this unmatched experience and using it to help law firms of all sizes generate superior results in the areas of Search Engine Optimization. Mr. Greenier has advised over 3,500 law firms on a variety of law firm marketing strategies used by the highest grossing and most profitable law firms in North America. Mr. Greenier has developed and continues to develop some of the most cutting edge of law firm SEO solutions available. Some of his ideas and developments are are used today by some of the leading and most recognizable legal brand names on the Web. Lawyer Success, Inc. maintains offices is headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi but maintains offices in San Francisco, California; Houston, Texas; Jackson, Mississippi; D.C.; Tampa, Florida and Portland, Maine. LawFirmSEOExperts.com a Lawyer Success, Inc. company P.O. Box 1926 Brandon, MS 39042 (769) 218-6099

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