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Building Links Using SEO and Social Media

Social media could well be one of the most underappreciated forms of search engine optimization out there today. In fact, in order to develop a truly comprehensive marketing plan it is imperative that your firm’s SEO team as well as the social media team work together. You may wonder how you can actually gain links through social media—if so, read on. There are several specific tactics you can use in order to build those critical links through SEO and social media. More and more search engines are actually incorporating “likes,” “shares,” and “views,”—typical social media signals—into their incredibly complex algorithms. If you’ve been keeping up with the progression of social media, then you know that Google Plus is not integrated into your Google search results with FB data being integrated into the Bing search engine. Therefore, consider the following:

  • The number one way to build solid, high-quality links on your legal website is to ensure that only the highest-quality, relevant, informative content appears on every single page of your website. In the end, the reason users come to your site is to have a specific question answered in a comprehensive manner. If they are unable to find that on your site, it is likely they will click away as quickly as they got there.
  • Remember that the type of content listed above will bring you not only repeat visitors, but those visitors will “like” and “share” with others who will do the same, and so on and so on. Think of it somewhat like word of mouth advertising. One of your clients tells his Uncle Bill what a great attorney you are, Uncle Bill takes advantage of your expert legal services then tells two friends at work and Cousin Sharon. Word of mouth can spread like wildfire, and social media sharing can do the same however you must start with quality content.
  • Blogging is possibly the next most effective manner of building solid links for your legal website. When you blog high quality posts on a regular basis you will attract critical industry links.  When your blog remains keyword-focused it will begin ranking well for long-tail terms. Don’t pass up the opportunity to create internal links from your legal blog to your primary legal website.
  • Whether you do your own blogging or outsource it make sure that your most important keywords are used consistently in all blog postings. This technique will make it much easier for potential clients to find the content on your site.
  • Your blogging efforts should also include reading other industry blogs, and commenting appropriately. Offer to write a guest blog when applicable. These techniques are the cyberspace equivalent of networking, so don’t neglect these important opportunities.

When you are receiving links contained in millions of social shares, you will not be ignored by the search engines. Social media and SEO are irrevocably intertwined, so use this to the advantage of your legal website.  For the most trusted, experienced information and advice on lawyer website designs, law firm SEO and legal content call (800) 877-2776. You will be given free advice and strategies from highly experienced consultants – not sales re

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