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Can a Legal Firm Use Craigslist for SEO?

Although every single website is struggling to find the very best path to great SEO, attorneys and legal firms may wonder whether using Craigslist for that purpose is ethical—or even possible. Craigslist currently has over seven billion page views each month, with over 20 million monthly visitors so on the surface it would seem like a viable avenue for search engine optimization. Creativity regarding SEO can give your law firm’s website just the boost it needs and Craigslist is certainly an avenue which is full of people who need something specific. In order to answer the question of whether it is ethical for legal firms to use Craigslist, consider the following:

  • One way you may be able to use Craigslist to the advantage of your law firm is to look for article writers or blog contributors under such search terms as “writer,” or “content writing.” You can also post your own job for writers and have them come to you. Make sure you have a legal contract in place prior to putting someone you don’t know to work writing for your legal website. In some cases you may be able to offer the writer a link in your author biography section. This technique builds relationships and expands your SEO reach.
  • When placing advertisements for content writers or blog contributors, make them interesting and challenging in a way that will demonstrate the writing skills of potential applicants. You want to ensure the applicants are skilled at the writing job they are applying for and have a basic knowledge of HTML as well as experience in writing high-quality legal content.
  • Although you don’t want to think that every applicant out there is running some sort of scam, it’s important that you ask for previously published writing samples or links to those articles which allow you to verify they were actually written by your writer applicant. Writers who currently write for a legal industry publication might be asked to interview you or someone in your firm regarding your specific legal niche.
  • You might also consider using Craigslist to post “teasers” to a particular upcoming event at your law firm. No matter whether you are using Craigslist to obtain writers or advertise (in a tasteful manner), use your proven keywords in the anchor text of your Craigslist ads and the search engines will give your site a boost for those keywords. Place them close to the top of the page and always include your website URL.
  • Re-post your Craigslist ad every few days however no more often than every three days as Craigslist may flag and delete your posting(s). To increase your rankings, use HTML tags such as H1tags using your main keywords. HTML tags will also help your Craigslist ad look more professional, which in turn can end up in conversions.

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