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Did the Penguin Cause You to Change Your SEO Strategies?

When Google released the Panda algorithm update in February of 2011, the ultimate goal was to decrease the rank of any website which was believed to be providing inferior user experience. The Penguin followed on the heels of Panda with a goal of penalizing spammers and decreasing the rank of sites which violate the guidelines of Google Webmaster. The Penguin caused many website owners to rethink their SEO strategy.

Perhaps you were one of those who received a slap on the wrist from the Penguin algorithm. If so, you might have been fully aware of why you received the Google reprimand, or you could have been truly in the dark, therefore didn’t know how to correct the problem. Below are some tips which may help you increase the ranking of your legal website while simultaneously increasing the overall of your site:

  • Consider your links and always ensure they are of the highest quality.
  • Avoid any type of link-building that could even remotely appear “spammy”
  • Ensure your most important pages are higher up in the craw path to ensure they receive the most link authority
  • Use no more than 10-12 keywords per page
  • Update your content constantly
  • Ensure your content is both unique and relevant to your niche
  • Don’t repeat keywords on your meta tags
  • Concentrate on your user when building your site—if your content is not useful to your reader, then Google will find it irrelevant as well
  • Always avoid  hidden text, hidden links, cloaking, irrelevant keywords and sub domains with duplicate content

Some experts feel that all paid link building campaigns should be suspended although if you have a very knowledgeable, experienced link builder who spends the time staying up with all Google’s algorithm changes your site will likely be fine. Using exact match anchor links could also get you penalized by Google. Diversify your anchor text and focus on the links that specifically mention your brand. Check every single link on your site to ensure there are no broken links as broken links can bring your site a penalty.

In order to effectively add unique content and value to your site, consider writing a how-to guide for proceeding with a legal matter, publish new content to your blog at least 4-5 times per week, build new landing pages and microsites and write weekly press releases. As you are probably already aware, great content generates links, therefore constantly updated content creation can get your further up the rankings than paid link campaigns.

In the end, if you are working toward organic search results, you will likely never have a problem with any algorithm Google comes up with. Create engaging and original content, be active in social media and strive to improve your user’s experience. If you hire a professional, make sure you find a web designer who has extensive experience in lawyer website design in particular, as this niche has site requirements which differ from other sites. When you call (800)877-2776 you will speak with an expert in lawyer websites, never a sales rep. Call today for your free consultation.

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