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Legal Website Content Writing vs. Legal SEO Content Writing

Unfortunately, legal SEO content writing has garnered a largely unwarranted reputation of unattainable mysticism. In fact, great legal website content writing will, with little additional effort, translate into great legal SEO content writing. Ultimately your law firm wants a website that is full of great prose rather than stilted or difficult-to-follow copy, artificially stuffed with keywords. If your law firm’s website is full of targeted, relevant, compelling copy, it is likely both healthy and happy, as are you! Effective copy in the form of articles, intros, information pages, newsletters and blogs can keep clients on your site and set your law firm apart from the competition. Persuasive copy full of pertinent keywords gives you a decided edge with popular search engines, but is also the most common “issue” with legal SEO content writing. The carefully chosen keywords in your copy must appeal to, not distract from, the message you want your clients to take away. Your copy needs to effectively deliver your law firm’s unique message and strengths.

If your website copy reads well for your potential clients, yet still appeals to the needs of the various search engines, you are way ahead of the game. Conversely, if your law firm’s website is missing keywords that potential clients typically type into search engines, you won’t get the rankings you want. The ultimate success of your website can be irreparably harmed if you are diligently stuffing your articles with keywords, but forgetting your target audience—your next potential client. Over-stuffing articles with keywords can also cause your website to tragically fall into the spammer category, and could even get it booted from the search engines. The tightrope act is to use targeted keywords concisely and effectively, deliver your law firm’s message in a persuasive manner and convince your potential client that the best course of action is to pick up the phone and dial your firm’s number immediately.

Turning the English language into an SEO extreme that is full of keywords but makes no real sense is neither good website copy nor good SEO copy. The best ways to make your website content SEO copy-friendly include:

1. Headings, when used properly, summarize what will follow; sometimes they are all your client will read, so their importance cannot be overstated.
2. While using your key phrases in headings is important, they need to appear natural–not as if the keywords and phrases were stuffed in as an afterthought.
3. Include your key phrases in the title tag of the html header of the page.
4. Include keywords and key phrases where it does not interfere with the natural flow of writing within your articles.
5. When possible, use your keywords and phrases in bulleted lists, but only where it looks and reads sensibly.
6. Don’t go crazy inserting your keywords in your article, but included them in the body of your text frequently enough so they are given a level of importance; maybe once or twice in each paragraph.

Using programs to check keyword-density ration is likely unnecessary—use your eyes! If it reads well and the key phrase is apparently important without being overwhelming, it is probably just about right.
Finally, give your copy one last read-through—if it sounds stilted or your keywords sound forced, suck it up and start all over. Read the copy out loud or to a friend or family member. Never put search engines before your law firm’s potential clients. Your goal at the end of the day is to bring visitors to your legal website who will then become loyal clients for your firm.

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Writing Law Firm SEO Content to Enhance Your Law Firm’s Website Results

Creating law firm SEO-friendly content is hardly an easy task. Consider that today’s Internet is full to the brim with amazing visuals; take away all the colored links and special fonts, the flashing banner ads and bells and whistles and you’re left with the backbone of the Internet—content. Creating your law firm search engine optimization content can be an ongoing process, and sometimes a downright chore. It is also the only way to make your pages popular. While many law offices will randomly add large blocks of content to their site thinking it is free and will surely add flavor to the website, you must remember that if you are adding anything but the highest-quality content it can backfire, hurting your entire website.

Some of the problems that can occur when low-quality SEO content is added to your law firm’s website are:

• If the same article, or one very close to the same, exists elsewhere on the web, yours probably will not rank as well as the other copies.

• Low quality content reflects poorly upon your law office.

• Sometimes when unfocused content is added to your law firm’s website, visitors can quickly lose interest.

• Though it is not particularly scrupulous, people will sometimes copy the content of other websites verbatim without asking.

Remember that no site will get the traffic you desire without content, and all content will contain certain keywords and phrases throughout. The repeating of those words and phrases draw the attention of search engines. However, even though your site may be rich in important keywords, there must also be solid, interesting and readable content to engage the reader’s interest in your particular law firm. Additionally, the savvy search engines of today actually know how to scan for sensible content—in other words content with little to offer other than the same keywords strung together over and over will likely not get your law firm noticed. The words must appear frequently—but naturally– within your text, and must make sense within the context of your copy. In order to produce the highest-quality content for your law firm’s website, think like a searcher—what do you want to read when you type in your search words? Brainstorm for your firm and try to come up with fresh, interesting content.

Website content writing must engage your visitors immediately, keeping them on your site. After all, the longer your visitors stay, the more likely they’ll purchase your attorney services and become clients. SEO-friendly content on your law firm’s website will also be an easy read for your average Internet user, having bold headings and subheadings featuring your particular law firm’s keywords and keyword phrases. If building content for your law firm’s SEO website sounds like a lot of work—it is! The Internet is an ever-changing animal and constantly reinvents itself. If you want your law firm’s website to stay at the top of the game you will need to constantly add fresh content and keywords to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Many highly-visited sites actually employ a full staff of writers whose sole purpose is to turn out new, engaging content on a regular basis. Either way, content is key to the ultimate success of your law firm’s website—take it seriously and produce the best.

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Law Firm SEO Tip – Spy on Your Competitors to Beat Them on Google

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is, how do I beat my competitors on Google?

As a client of Law Firm SEO Experts,  one the first steps we take to help you dominate the search engines is to perform a thorough law firm SEO analysis of your website and the law firm websites that are performing the best in your market in order to determine the cost and strategy needed to beat their rankings.

Here are a few things we will look at when we perform a competitive analysis of the top ranked law firm websites in your market.

#1 – We look at their selection of keywords and their use on the web pages throughout the website.

#2 – We evaluate the Meta Titles and Meta Description text and review their keyword phrase selection.

#3 – We check on Google Search, how many pages of content the competing law firm websites contain.

#4 – We look at the number and relevancy of the backlinks to the law firm competitor’s website and review the keyword phrases used in the anchor text of the links.

#5 – We review the rest of the law firm seo techniques (law firm search engine optimization) used throughout the Home Page and the internal pages.

These are just a few of the steps we take in the beginning phases of your law firm SEO campaign. This will help us to determine how to best strategically position you for optimal placement in the search engines.

If you would like a free law firm seo website review or a quote for our law firm SEO services call 7 SEO MY SITE or (773) 669-7483  for a free consultation.

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Law Firm SEO Keyword Research | Law Firm Search Engine Optimization Keywords

At Law Firm SEO Experts, we help you find the best converting keywords most relevant to your practice!

The main concept for successful law firm seo is the very basic understanding that search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL always read and index text.  So it is very important that you select and use the type of text that is most relevent to the area of practice that you provide legal services for, the geographical reach of your law firm and some of the most commonly used terms people use to find your law firm.

This is why it is very important that you use the most relevant text through out your website.  In the law firm search engine optimization industry we call this text keywords and keyword phrases.  Law Firm SEO keywords and keyword phrases used properly through out your law firm website will improve your online visibility through top search engine rankings and positioning on all major search engines result pages or SERPS.

How important are search engines for generating web traffic over attorney directories or social media sites such as Twitter, FaceBook or YouTube?

This is an excellent question that we often field while providing a free law firm SEO review for prospective clients.  The answer will vary depending on the volume of search engine traffic a particular law firm website receives.  A well optimized law firm website should generate between 4,000-15,000 unique visitors per month.

  • We have found that Twitter and Twitter Mobile provide about the best click-throughs (although they do not translate in to much new business) of all the social networking websites.
  • YouTube and Law Firm Video SEO services offer great results in attracting and generating new law firm clients.
  • Attorney directories tend to offer decent, pre-qualified web traffic but even if you listed in the top 4 legal directories, combined they would only offer about 1% of your total law firm website traffic.
  • The worse of all law firm website traffic results come from the online versions of the major yellow pages companies. It is surprising how little traffic these sites generate to law firm websites.

Intelligent keyword and keyword phrase choices are the most essential part for reaching the best clients for law firms.  Our law firm SEO experts take the guess work out of selecting the best keywords and keyword phrases for new client conversion. Or SEO professionals will perform extensive keyword research to identify the best possible keyword phrases to target.

Our law firm search engine optimization experts also take into account your current keyword lists and will help you to expand upon it so that you have a very comprehensive and effective list of  keywords that will generate many new clients for your law firm.

If you would like a quote for our keyword research services or law firm SEO services call 7 SEO MY SITE or (773) 669-7483  for a free consultation.

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Law Firm Video SEO

Law Firm Video SEO is an effective way to reach and convert new law firm clients.  The reasons are many as people are becoming more familiar with using video search engines and video social media sites like Youtube.com. YouTube generates 2,000,000 video views per day. There are also hundreds of thousands of new videos uploaded each day.

Also, YouTube.com is owned by Google. That means Google promotes and will continue to inject the videos in their search engine results page. If properly managed, a law firm video SEO campaign can generate enormous amounts of clients for your law practice.

We have the experience to assist you in writing an effective script, consult you with the type of keywords to use for SEO purposes, prepare your video for search engines, place on your website, place videos on legal video directories, and social media websites and even produce your video at you office.

Do not make the mistakes that will cost you business everyday when you use your own video equipment or hire an inexperienced law firm video SEO expert.  Don’t turn away serious profits by trying to cut corners or to keep your cost down.  In fact, you would be pleasantly surprised to learn how affordable our law firm video production and/or law firm video SEO services are.

We offer two different services. We offer law firm video production and law firm video SEO. That means if you already have a law firm video, we can help you market it effectively on search engines, law firm video directories and much more.  Also, we can shoot your video inexpensively at your place of business through our network of 10,000 freelance web video production teams.

CALL US TODAY AT  7 SEO MY SITE or (773) 669-7483 for a free consultation.

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How to Fire a Law Firm SEO Consultant

So you aren’t having any luck with your law firm SEO consultant. Well how do you know? Is your website traffic increasing month after month or is it staying the same or worse decreasing?

I have personally worked on 7 of the top 10 legal website on the web and I know that being the top website is not always best. In most cases, it is better to be found on the 1st page of Google for 1,000s of different keywords then to be #1 on any particular search.

So as long as your traffic is climbing by 10% or more per month, your law firm SEO consultant may be doing a great job.  But how do you know for sure and if you need to fire your law firm SEO consultant how do you do it without hurting your website’s rankings thus far?

#1 – You should speak to two or more law firm SEO specialists and have them review your website’s SEO. Ask them for their top 2-3 suggestions and see if there are any common issues.

#2 – Select a law firm SEO consultant based on results and not price. Any good law firm SEO consultant is not cheap because they get results and their clients probably refer them a ton of business. Plus they are going to spend a lot of time on your website. Make sure they have attorney content writers on staff to writer your content as content plays a ke role in generating superior SEO results.

#3 – Create a plan of escape. Ask your current law firm SEO consultant to send you a complete back up of the website on a disc or access to the web server to download the site locally. This should be done in case something should happen to their company or their web server.  It is always good to have a back up.

#4 – Get control over your law firm domain name. If you do not have your domain registered in your name or access to the account in which the domain is hosted, get control and possession over your domain promptly.

#5 – Sign up with a new law firm SEO consultant ASAP.  Make sure to get references and look at their law firm SEO examples. Run many searches and see how they fair in the search engines. Inquire about the monthly unique visits their sites typically get. Do their clients sign up cases? How long have their clients continued with the service. Also ask about how long they have been in business to avoid signing up with a company that may not be around tomorrow. Having a new law firm SEO expert ahead of time will make moving the site, setting up a server account and pointing or transferring the domain for you a simple process. This is a royal pain in the neck so having a law firm SEO expert can manage this process easily for you.

For more information about our 10+ years of law firm SEO experience please call (769) 218-6099 for more information. We can help you in this difficult and technical transition.

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How to choose a Law Firm SEO Consultant

Law Firm Search Engine Optimization or law firm SEO is one of the most effective, economical and proven methods of web site promotion on the Internet.   The bad news is there are a lot of unscrupulous “law firm seo experts” out there including some of the well known brands who will take you on a very expensive ride. We recently picked up a law firm client who used a very well known company (L.N.) to design there website and perform search engine optimization on the website to generate new business.

When we looked over the code we found that they had completely forgotten to add the Meta Description tags to the web pages. How important is it you say? Well, when you run a search on Google you will see two pieces of information. #1 – the title of the website and #2 the web page Meta Description tag.  So this was a very big mistake. The website was not even finished and had lots of those nifty “Coming soon…” web pages which is another big favorite of the search engines.

I also noticed in the Title tags had just a bunch of keywords randomly placed as a page title. Title tags are probably the most important part of the website SEO need to have specific keywords especially ones that people actually search for instead of just adding a few random keywords.

This raises an important question for lawyers, who can I trust to perform our law firm website SEO?  We all know that an attractive website plus excellent SEO delivers an enormous amount of high quality clients and cases.  But after you have been burned a few times, it seems like real high results oriented law firm SEO is just an urban legend.

Almost all webmasters and law firm owners with a successful SEO strategy consider SEO as their prime tool for business promotion. Unfortunately since most lawyers possess very little SEO knowledge and that’s the main reason why they fail to select right SEO Company to optimize their websites. They are either trapped by Black hat SEO companies who attract them by attractive slogans like “Guaranteed 1st position on Google” or “Guaranteed top ten rankings in Google and Yahoo”.

These statements are attractive and lawyers will then outsource their SEO tasks to these companies. These SEO companies (not all) use black hat/ spam SEO techniques to generate quick results, get payment and run away, leaving law firm website owner with black listed website on Google and other Search Engine as a result of using spam SEO techniques.  This costs the law firm a lot of wasted time, expense in having to change their marketing collateral to reflect a new domain name, and lost revenues because they are no longer in the search engines for referrals searching their law firm name or new clients to finding them by keyword searches.

Another attraction for law firm website owners is the SEO price; some law firm SEO freelancers offer their services at an unbeatable price. These so called law firm SEO experts know very little about SEO for lawyers and either fail to produce to desired results or they do something unethical which is picked up by the search engines as spam and end up in getting attorney’s website  penalized for 6 months or so, banned or even in some cases the websites are black listed by search engines permanently.

Experience law firm search engine optimization experts like us will personally experienced this many times while quoting SEO price to law firms. Many times we couldn’t get many projects due to a price difference between our law firm website SEO quote and other SEO freelancers as our SEO price is based on result oriented SEO not just out of the box SEO package which normally includes certain number of optimized web pages and submissions etc.

A recent survey of law firm and non-law firm SEO companies offering their SEO service through their websites and marketing their SEO service on the Internet and able to categorize SEO companies as under:

1-Big and trusted law firm SEO Companies: These SEO companies normally based in the United States and offer their SEO service worldwide. They are hardly affordable by small to medium sized law firms as their law firm SEO price is usually out of marketing budget of a small or medium size business. These law firm SEO companies normally offer fixed SEO packages and customized SEO service/ package. They never use black hat or Spam SEO techniques.  They offer very little one-on-one with the customer. Only the biggest law firm clients get the most attention.

2-Small to Medium Size law firm SEO companies: These types of legal SEO companies are based here in U.S. and are also reliable but have limited capacity. They usually work on static websites and can handle limited number of clients. They also avoid spam SEO techniques and they are affordable for small to medium size businesses.  They typically work a lot more closely with each customer to ensure their client is satisfied.

3. Freelance or Cheap Law Firm SEO companies or individuals – These firms usually get most of the business because of their low cost. However, buyer beware as these shops usually cut a lot of corners in their SEO techniques. They also do not provide a lot of support and they end up ruining your domain name with the search engines because they either lack the experience or simply do not care.

Now it is important that being a law firm owner that you understand the factors you should consider while selecting a law firm SEO company for your law firm’s website optimization needs. You should consider following factors:

1- Your Industry – Does the SEO company or your friend have a working knowledge of the law and lawyer advertising rules? Do they specialize in the legal industry or do they work with other businesses as well? Working with a specialist in law firm SEO will produce far better results because they understand your business and the client you are trying to retain.
2- Do they have examples of their law firm SEO successes?
3- Do they have other lawyer/client references?
4- Do they work within your budget?
5- Do they stress the importance of building web content as part of the strategy?
6- Do they have attorney writers on staff to help write content for the website?
7- How long have their references been using their service?

After this simple analysis, you can decide what type of law firm SEO Company you need. If you would like to speak with an experienced and expert law firm SEO consultant, please call: 7 SEO MY SITE or (773) 669-7483 today.

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Keyword-Enriched Legal Content for SEO Is The Key To Success

What is Keyword-Enriched Content?
In short, keyword enriched content is the content on your site that has been optimized and includes the same keywords that your prospective clients will type into a search engine to reach your site. Keyword-enriched content can bring more clients to your law firm, and the clients it brings will be a more focused, better-targeted group because of your improved rankings and visibility in search engines. Your clients are much more likely to visit (and stay and read) your website if it contains the same keywords they typed into their search engine. If your law firm’s website is optimized with high-performing keywords, it will naturally appear higher in the search result pages. Don’t forget that keyword content includes both the number of keywords as well as their positioning on each page of your firm’s website.

Why is Keyword-Enriched Content Necessary to Legal Websites?
In today’s world when someone desperately needs an attorney for any of the myriad of reasons that we humans need attorneys—injured in an accident, wrongful death of a loved one, negligence of another person or entity—they most likely turn to the Internet. If your law firm does, say, personal injury cases in Atlanta, then when that person types in “Atlanta personal injury attorney” you most certainly want your law firm’s website to appear before them. It can be almost like magic when they click on your website, soon becoming your brand-new client—or do they? Is your law firm’s website full to the brim with keyword-enriched content for search engine optimization? Does your website immediately appear once keywords are typed in? Just as importantly, once clicked on does your legal website grab and hold your potential client’s interest?

Adding Content Without Compromising Your Website
Many times when planning a legal website you may wonder how to add content without compromising the quality and straightforward nature of this particular genre. When searching for an attorney the average person wants clear-cut copy, easily searchable information; in short, the ability to find exactly what’s needed in the shortest amount of time possible. Adding quality content on an ongoing basis can be as simple as adding a “newsletter” section to your website. The team of attorneys at your particular law firm could take turns writing for this section, adding additional content that is rich in keywords. After all, nobody knows all the special nuances of your business like your own attorneys—and no one has your particular business at heart like the lawyers in your firm.

1. While your home page is naturally considered the most important page from a search engine point of view, all linked pages should aim to build up traffic so the search engines will begin to consider the links as home pages in their own right.
2. Your law firm’s website should have a central theme which is based around great content-rich copy. That copy should contain your selected keywords and phrases, should be interesting, engaging, readable, and, above all, correct.
3. There are services on the Internet that can provide you with a list of the most popular keyword searches on search engines at any particular time. If you incorporate these keyword search terms into your website, into your law firm’s articles, you increase the number of potential clients who will visit your website.

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Content Management For Legal SEO Websites

Are your readers yawning as they browse your legal website, clicking away quickly to another website after lingering only seconds on yours, or, if they stay at all are they obliged to read through your copy more than once in order for it to make sense?  Any or all of these are distinct warning signs, along with some other signs that should let you know beyond a doubt that your copy is……well, boring. Since the last thing you want to do to potential clients is make them wish they had gone ahead and scheduled that root canal they’ve been putting off, it is critical that you read your website’s content  not as the attorney you are, but as a potential client.  To be sure, quality writing is subjective by its very nature, and what I like to read you just might despise, however I think we can all agree in theory on what grabs us and holds our attention as we click from one website to the next.  Legal SEO content can be particularly tricky, but the payoff—brand new clients for your law firm—are certainly worth the effort.

How Do You Know For Sure?

What are some sure signs your content is just not getting the job done? While there is no one way to know for absolute certain if your law firm’s potential clients are stopping to thoroughly read your articles, there are a few things you can do in order to make sure your legal website content is both readable and perfectly optimized for the various search engines. Consider the following:

  1. If you haven’t already, install Google Analytics and take a look at the average amount of time your potential clients are staying on your legal website. Anything less than two minutes is very bad! If your visitors are staying less than one minute you have a major problem.
  2. Read your legal website’s content as a potential client, then rate it on a scale of 1-10. If you rated the copy as anything less than a seven, your website could be in trouble. If you don’t find it interesting enough to hold your attention and make you want to read more, then your clients won’t either.  Just as the legal services you offer are certainly not merely “good enough,” neither do you want your website copy to be only “good enough”—you want it to be attention-grabbing.
  3. Consider a blog for your website; comments are one of the best ways to measure whether or not your potential clients are engaged by your legal copy. Although writing great legal copy that is also search engine optimized to the maximum can seem like an overwhelming task, the results are worth it when your clients give glowing feedback.
  4. Don’t save your best ideas for later. If you are trying your hardest to get your legal website up and running with great legal SEO content, it can seem awfully tempting to put “good enough” copy out there until later—when you have more time. Don’t do it! Later may never come, so spend the time necessary and only put fantastic, highly readable legal SEO content on your firm’s website.

You can achieve greatness on your legal website if you’re willing to work hard in the beginning and reap the rewards later with new clients and a fabulous website. It’s tough, but it’s worth it!

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